About FireTower Coffee

Organic And Fair Trade

Most of our coffees listed are Certified Organic and Fair Trade. This means that they are:

  • Grown on land without synthetic pesticides or other prohibited substances for 3 years
  • A suffifient buffer exists between the organic coffee and the closest traditional crop.
  • Sustainable crop rotation plan to prevent erosion, the depletion of soil nutrients, and control of pests.

Serving Fair Trade coffee means our beans are purchased directly from the growers for a higher price than standard coffee. This ensures that coffee farmers receive a fair, living wage for their work. This ultimately means a better product and a superior taste. 

About FireTower Coffee

Why Buy From An Artisan Roaster

We believe a small batch artisan coffee roaster is the ideal choice for outstanding product quality and attentive customer service.

In addition to a better taste resulting from our craftsman-like approach to coffee roasting, small roasting buinesses often have access to limited premium crop harvests that, due to their size, are simply not practical for industrial coffee roasters to pursue.

Small Roasters are generally motiviated and flexible to help you sell more coffee by maintaining high quality standards. Our meticulous roasting techniques are tailored to ensure that we're getting the most from the high-quality beans that we source from all over the world. 

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